Data Recovery

” – Data recovery is a critical aspect of any data protection system!” J.F.Kennedy.

Calgary Backup has made the data recovery process very easy and straightforward.

The client then decides which data backup to recover and clicks on the date. If you are doing a complete data recovery, you would start by downloading your last Full backup and then any Incremental backups after that. As each backup is downloaded, you will need to enter your decryption password.

If your computer is ever lost or stolen, you could literally purchase your new computer at the local computer store and download your backup before you even left the store. Data recovery doesn’t get any easier !

There are many features to this method of data recovery. For example, no more tapes, diskettes or CD’s to worry about. Do you travel on business with a laptop for presentations or demo’s? Leave your computer at home! Backup your files before you head out and download them at the other end onto the boardroom computer. Recover data as easily as it was backed up.