How Online Backup Works

Our online backup program runs on your PC in the background and periodically creates a backup image of the folders you have chosen for remote data backup. It then copies this image to our secure server where you can access it anytime, from anywhere on the Internet.

This image is first compressed, then encrypted (using military grade encryption) and then converted to an executable program so that it can be accessed from any PC without requiring any special remote backup software on that PC. As soon as the backup program is ready to begin another online backup, it will display a “splash screen” that begins a 10 second count down. This gives you time to delay the online backup process for a while, in case you are working on something and don’t want to be slowed down or interrupted by the backup process and its messages.

Your online backup is are stored on our secure servers (Firewall, IDS, Virus and power protected) for up to one year and can be easily accessed through a calendar so that you can pick the month or day that you want to retrieve your files from.

In addition, you can also archive any of your files. This is different than backing up your files in that it removes the files from your PC. This allows you to clean up the clutter on your PC and store some of the files that you don’t use very often in a remote but secure and easy to access place.