Remote data backup – the best way of business data protection

It is impossible to run any business without information. Human minds are unable to process such great arrays of information, however humans have developed super powerful computers. But nothing in this world can work smoothly and trouble free. Computers can be hacked or collapse and all the essential information will be buried nowhere with such fails. Are you ready for such risks? Will your business survive after such an impact?
If your answer is no, then you should take care of proper remote data backup. If you have never heard about remote data backup services, then it is high time to choose one for your business.

What is remote data backup?

Remote data backup is a process of copying, compressing, organizing, encrypting and transferring business data to a certain server or hardware where the data will be further on stored. IT market offers great many services offering remote data backup. The companies offer various levels of protection as well as different final destinations of remote data backups. The choice of remote data backup company will depend on the disk space you need, level of protection and additional services.
Remote data backup runs with various frequency. Some online or remote data backup services provide real time data scanning and copying. This process engages the most powerful hardware and is one of the most expensive on the market. Other companies offer one time per day remote data backup. The process runs primarily at night, when all computers are switched off and no data changes are taking place.

Who needs remote data backup?

If you are running a small business then you may think that you do not need remote data backup and it is your greatest mistake. Remote data backup is not only copying and protecting your data on the remote servers. The service provides you real time 24/7 access to all the files synchronized and stored on the server. So you can get all the necessary information from any spot on the glob providing or restricting access to the data to designated employees or keeping the data protected from anybody.
Another great benefit as for businesses so for users is data restoration. If a main computer goes down, you will be able to restore all the data from the last backup. Te losses can be, but these are minimal in comparison to an entire system collapse.
If you use remote data backup then you can be sure that your data is safe and reachable at any time.
Everybody understands the benefits of remote data backup service, however what will be the cost of such service?
How much is the remote data backup?
The cost of the remote data backup service will depend on various factors. Key factors determining the price of the remote or online data backup are as follow:
1. The amount of data which you plan to backup and store on the server or hardware
2. The number of computers and appliances covered for remote data backup
3. The number of versions of every file backed up and stored on the server of hardware
4. Dedicated manager
5. Additional features and bonuses
All of these factors seem to be insignificant, however when you start using the service you understand that the server space, the encryption and the maximum amount of files stored on the server, the server protection matter much.
The companies providing remote data backup may reduce the price by reducing the number of options provided. Be careful and choose the remote data backup provider thoroughly. It is better to overpay then to lose all vital business data at once.

What are the benefits of remote data backup for you?
The most evident advantage of using remote data backup is getting actually a copy of data stored in a different place from your computer.
The process runs completely automatically, this means that you should not worry about the next copy of your business data.
Unlimited period of data storing considering that your remote data backup provider is still in business.
Real time copying and transferring (by a limited number of services).
Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages that you should consider:
• The process of data restoration is rather slow
• Some providers can not ensure the complete privacy of data
• By losing encryption key you will lose access to your data.

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