Revision History


Note: our software releases are numbered conservatively. We don’t try to make our code look better by randomly increasing the version to some large number. Releases that fix bugs or minor annoyances are incremented by the second decimal (e.g. from 1.50 to 1.51). Releases that have new features are incremented to the next first decimal (e.g. from 1.48 to 1.50). Only if we release a major new version (either a re-write or structural and functional code improvements) will we increment the first digit.

V. 1.60c1 (current production version): May 26, 2005

– Config screen produced error message when unchecking “Same password” box

V. 1.60c: Jan. 16, 2005

– Changed dynamicIP handling to prevent missing port #
– Rconfig was allowing trailing slash on pathnames (didn’t seem to cause any problems)
– Now displaying Bytes xfered and total Bytes on status screen
– Event log now max 100K for more history
– Recording when manual backup is done in event.log

V. 1.60a: Nov. 13, 2004

– C:\temp folder is created if it doesn’t already exist
– Added popup menu to backup set grid (to show folder contents)

V. 1.60: Oct. 17, 2004

– Changed all forms to Center Owner
– can set date of file or age of files to not back up
– No “Success” message after 20 failed upload tries
– Can now select to not clear archive bit to prevent conflict with other backup programs
– Eliminated “Proceed” screen
– Added default Demo1 account
– CRconfig: now remembers last path added
– Fixed “show file size” calculation
– Can now change default temp path (in secondary.dat)
– Filesize would error out if directory no longer existed
– Better error handling with bad IPs and bad paths
– Warning message if a non-existent file or folder is selected
– Html generator handles more directory formats
– Added startup splash screen
– Numerous minor bug fixes

V. 1.51c : June 26, 2004

– uploading event.log from each client (to assist in troubleshooting)
– More error message detail in event.log file
– If first exe upload fails then upload other files first before trying again
– Removed wininet.dll from install package to prevent install errors

V. 1.51 : May 24, 2004

– Fixed problem with folders on some drives types not being recognized as folders (so their files were not included in the backups)
– Shortcut to the program is now created and put in startup folder each time program runs
– Title field in html file is now set to proper file name (instead of “test2″)

V. 1.50 : Mar. 15, 2004

– Can now set CPU priority
– Temporary disk space usage reduced by 25%-50%
– Added restore choices form to be able to restore from local drive instead of having to download most recent backup
– Eliminated compression on final zip/sfx creation for a 10% speed improvement in creating the backup file
– Added 100ms delay to WaitforSingleObject for better program responsiveness
– Config program now has better folder browser
– Added choice to restrict backups to time range
– Error message if path added is already in backup set
– Clicking STOP now stops faster and doesn’t lock up program
– Timestamp of last backup now at beginning of backup process so that backups will happen at the same time every day
– Updated exclusion list (added .lnk, .tmp etc.)
– Added directory size counter to config program so you know how much you’ll be backing up
– Config program now handles individual files instead of just folders
– Now showing extensions for each path on splash screen
– Stats screen now has Performance button and fixed performance.dat time stamps
– Fixed last backup size in Stats
– No longer using ZG to export file listing (faster and file listing .html sorted better)
– Fixed x hr delay (could have been 1-60min)
– Deleting f and i zip files before starting backup in case CR-backup was terminated prematurely in mid-backup
– Minor cosmetic changes

V. 1.48c : Dec. 6, 2003

– Added option to do a full backup monthly instead of just weekly.

V. 1.48: Nov. 2, 2003

– Added Instant Full or Incremental form
– Checking for successful copy of shortcut to only copy it once
– Subsequent incrementals on the same day now add to the existing incremental backup
– Added “do not delete” file option in archive form

V. 1.47: Sep. 26, 2003

– Added remind form to simplify countdown cancel
– More Backupsplash.Caption messages
– Proceed screen more informative
– Added low disk space warning to Rconfig during installation